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What You Should Know About Your Community Pool


    Fecal contamination can be costly for the community pool. Each occurrence can cost the association up to $400 for clean up and the pool must be closed for a 24-hour period and can actually be closed up to five days. This is a great expense and inconvenience to all homeowners. Parents, please keep diaper-age children or children who are not toilet trained out of the pool. As an alternative to excluding non-toilet trained children from using the pool, special “swimsuit diapers” may be used, although their effectiveness is still questionable.

    There are no pets allowed in the pool area at anytime. If any feces are found in the pool, the pool needs to be immediately closed and the management company notified. Diapers should only be changed in the restrooms.

    Please report any acts of vandalism to the Management Company. Offender will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law and be responsible for reimbursing the association for damages. Parents are responsible for the actions of their children. Please discuss proper disposal of cans, bottles, trash and proper usage of the common areas and facilities.

    Any owners not in good standing with the association will receive a letter advising them to bring their account current or their pool scan card will be deactivated. If you would like to review your account status, you can log onto Connect Resident Portal at https://marshallridge.connectresident.com.